Extreme video innovation.

Who We Are

If juice : then concentrate.

Who We Are

Video Gorillas develops state-of-the-art video technology incorporating machine learning, neural networks, visual analysis, object recognition, and live streaming.

Our customers include film studios, broadcasters, post-production companies, advertising agencies, media platforms, and start-ups. Gorilla products have been thoughtfully designed by media professionals that have exceptional business and technical expertise, as well as deep knowledge and experience with media workflows.

Video Gorillas makes the seemingly impossible possible. If modern software development was juice, Video Gorillas would be the concentrate.

What We Do

Video analysis, artificial intelligence... basically magic.

What We Do

Video Gorillas is a media-focused product and services company that builds cool, unique viewing experiences for our customers through cutting edge features and architectures.

Our areas of expertise include...
  • Development and optimization for computer vision
  • Image, video, and audio analysis with focus on image fingerprinting and search
  • Motion analysis
  • Machine learning (neural networks, deep learning, supervised and unsupervised learning)
  • Natural language processing
  • Video engineering and processing
  • Web applications with focus on video streaming
  • System performance optimization
  • Augmented reality
  • High-load computing and scalability
  • Architecture and implementation of hybrid and cloud-based workflows for media platforms

Products and Services

Pick your medicine.

Gorilla Player

Gorilla Player

There are lots of different video players, platforms and media frameworks. The ones optimized for Web lack professional features required by media and entertainment companies and the media platforms that do contain these professional features are not Web-optimized.

The Gorilla Player’s core functionality was designed specifically for production and postproduction, and the Plugins were designed to tackle specific media workflow use cases. The Gorilla Player offers total flexibility as it can sit in front of any DAM / MAM backend - you can use everything “out of the box” or you can create a custom front-end experience leveraging our JavaScript API.

Core features of the HTML 5 Dash Player include...
  • Frame-accurate high resolution playback
  • JavaScript API to allow you to build your own tools
  • Dynamic multiple audio channel support
  • Caption and subtitle support for professional formats
  • Frame-accurate high resolution playback
  • Adaptive streaming / HLS
  • Live streaming support
  • Custom branding / skinning
  • Client and server-side APIs for integration and modeling of workflows
The Gorilla Player supports advanced capabilities provided by Gorilla Plugins, including...
  • Gorilla Brain object recognition platform / auto tagging data visualization
  • Music Detection
  • Shot Detection
  • Frame compare / search
  • Subtitle / Text playback and editing
  • Advanced playlisting / IMF CPL support


The Live4 live streaming platform enables the broadcasting of events directly from any native camera on iOS or Android, external cameras such as GoPro or Sony Action Cam, or drones.

Gorilla Brain

Gorilla Brain

Gorilla Brain is a proprietary triple neural network-based system that maps highly abstract visual features from media, obtained through supervised and unsupervised learning, into a language model.

Its self-learning framework enables development of content-aware media indexing and search systems for both user-generated and professional content. Gorilla Brain is able to detect thousands of different objects, shapes, colors, actions, and sentiment in images and video.

Our customers use Gorilla Brain in a wide variety of ways, including...
  • Contextual targeting
  • Smart content censorship for movies and images
  • Trademark and brand detection
  • Real-time content detection
  • Object detection or replacement

Custom Dev

Custom Development

Video Gorillas is more than just a crack team of engineers that can be deployed within a media company to solve seemingly impossible challenges. We are also a nimble, portable R&D shop, a think tank that excels in pushing technological limits and finding practical applications for its state-of-the-art technology.

Our services range from software concepting to building and maintenance, including...
  • Ideation
  • Requirements Planning
  • Information Architecture
  • UX / UI Design
  • Agile Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Responsive Optimization
  • CMS / Admin
  • Web Apps
  • Native Apps

Our Story

Breaking boundaries.

Our Story

Video Gorillas is an extreme and hardcore crew of engineers who are compulsively, creatively driven to push the boundaries of technical possibility.

Over the past 10 years we’ve evolved into an advanced media technology company. We are headquartered in Los Angeles with engineering based in Kiev.

Our Gorillas include talented developers, video engineers, system engineers, machine learning experts, serial inventors in image analysis, and former executives from Sony and P&G.

The core team includes...
  • Jason Brahms, CEO
  • Alex Zhukov, CTO
  • Valentina Ievleva, COO
  • Andrew Yakovenko, Chief Science Guru
  • Anton Linevich, Solution Rockstar
  • Oles Petriv, The Brain aka Machine Learning Lead
  • Gennady Linevich, Senior Software Jedi
  • Oleksandr Chugai, Senior Software Hacker
  • Oleksii Sevruk, Senior Systems Gorilla
  • Helen Zhukova, Front-end Ninja
  • Andrew Rabinovich, Technical Advisor Jedi Master
  • Anna Pogribnyak, QA Fashionista

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